Quorning Boats of Denmark - Dragonfly 28 - MeasurementsQuorning Boats of Denmark - Dragonfly 28

Freedom of choice and adventure. These are some of the core values we strive to build into every one of our boats. With the DF28 we know we are getting better and better at this, more so for each and every boat we build.

Dragonfly 28 Specifications

In this small presentation we hope to give you an idea of the possibillities of the Dragonfly 28. The time is for open for exploration and new discoveries.

A 28' folding trimaran that can sleep 5 adults, offering an aft cabin, queen size V-berth and two easily set-up foldable berths in the main cabin. All bunks are 2 m+ long. The boat has a standing headroom of 1.85 m in the main cabin as well as a generous galley space on each side. The spacious dinette offers a nice view outside, similar to a deck saloon yacht. A fridge box is available in the right position of the galley work space.

The big double trampolines offer the perfect sun deck - like on a super yacht!

Length overall centre hull 8.75 M 8.75 M
Length waterline centre hull 8.60 M 8.60 M
Length folded 9.99 M 9.99 M
Length sailing 9.05 M 9.05 M
Beam sailing 6.50 M 6.50 M
Beam folded 2.54 M 2.54 M
Draft 0.40 M 0.40 M
Draft incl. centerboard 1.70 M 1.70 M
Weight of standardboat incl.sails 1,900 Kg 1,900 Kg
Payload max. incl. crew 725 Kg 725 Kg
Max. total weight excl. crew 2,000 Kg 2,000 Kg
Watertank 80 L 80 L
Holdingtank (optional) 60 L 60 L
Engine outboard 8-10 Hp 8-10 Hp
Max. engine-Hp 15 Hp 15 Hp
Max. persons CE category-B 5 5
Max .persons CE category-C 7 7
Mast section total excl. antennas 12.10 M 13.60 M
Mast height over water level 13.75 M 15.25 M
Mainsail 35 M2 42 M2
Jib furling 19 M2 21 M2
Code 0 furling 35 M2 45 M2
Asymmetric spinnaker 65 M2 80 M2
Bowsprit length 1.60 M 1.90 M
Trailer weight (aluminium) 500 Kg 500 Kg
Max. total trailer weight 2,500 Kg 2,500 Kg
Unsinkable Yes Yes
Fun Factor 100% 100%
Design CE categori C+B C+B



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