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Florida, USA

Windcraft Multihulls by Donald Wigston
120 Point Comfort Rd
FL 32569
Mary Esther
+1 404-307-9121

I have been sailing, racing and selling trimarans for close to 30 years. Being from New Zealand, people say that sailing is in my DNA. That could be true. New Zealanders do love to sail. But more than that, they love the adventure of sailing and they like to go fast and that, for sure is in my DNA. As I tell my customers, life is too short to sail a slow boat.

At Windcraft Multihulls we have a passion for sailing. In helping our customers select and purchase their boat, we bring them to their grand sailing adventure and help them along the way –– to become better sailors, to improve their sailing performance, to get the most out of their sailing experiences. We hold sailing clinics with world class instructors and we answer the phone when they call needing our help and advice.