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Over the course of some time we have had the opportunity to capture panoramic images of various dragonfly's. We find these panoramas is the best way we can show some of the aspects of our boats. Be sure to check out the full-screen version - and welcome aboard.

Dragonfly Trimarans - Panoramic Images

The first panoramas were of the DF920 at the Boot'04 boatshow in Düsseldorf. We went  for a pleasant cruise aboard the DF1200 right outside the Quorning Boats yard in Lillebælt.

Dragonfly 35 - panoramas

  • NEW! - Redesigned main cabin spacious and practical Main Cabin Classic
  • Jump onto the port ama of the DF35 SwingWing
  • Arrived at the small islet only moments ago Cockpit
  • Below deck cosy and practical, great details Main Cabin

Dragonfly 920 - panoramas

Dragonfly 1200 - panoramas