Dragonfly Approved Used

From time to time we are contacted by current Dragonfly owners who find that their present Dragonfly becomes too small and who would therefore like to upgrade to a newer model.

Therefore we have decided to go into the Dragonfly pre-owned market.

We can offer Dragonfly owners to swap in their present Dragonfly when they upgrade to a new model. And we will subject the used boat to a very thorough check and if necessary refit it as required to meet our high quality standards before we put it back in the market as a “Dragonfly Approved Used”.

When buying a Dragonfly Approved Used you are assured that your new, used boat is 100 % checked and approved by Quorning Boats, and you will get a certificate to follow the boat that it is not only originally produced and delivered by Quorning Boats but that it has also been thoroughly checked, refitted and approved in connection with this sale.

Please contact us - or your local dealer - to hear more about this new concept – whether you want to upgrade your present Dragonfly or you are in the market for a pre-owned Dragonfly.