Bethsy Nieuwenhuizen & André Thiry | Dragonfly

Bethsy Nieuwenhuizen & André Thiry

Boat type: 
Dragonfly 40, Ultimate

One day we discovered the wonderful world of trimarans. At that time, we had a very nice 36 feet monohull, which we had had for five years. We wanted to feel relaxed, and at the same time very close to the water, sail very quickly with normal winds and not depending on the motor even with only 5 knots of wind.

We were looking to find our dream trimaran and not a house on the sea like a catamaran, but a boat which could give us the sensation to fly without risk. 

We fell in love with the nice Dragonfly 1200 from Quorning Boats.

The strongness, the quality of the material, and the enormous experience of the yard in regards to  foldable trimarans,  convinced us to choose a Dragonfly, so quick and secure to fold.
Once folded the boat is still very esthetic, easy to manage, and cost the place of a monohull in the harbours (4 ,30 m folded and 8,6m on sea)!

Her outstanding quality, comfort, and resistance is still amazing - after 18 years she is still extraordinary attractive!

Finally, it meant a lot to us to be treated like a member of the Quorning Boats family.

In July 2002 we had the opportunity to buy one of the first Dragonfly 1200 built, just before the financial crisis and we are still in love with her after 18 years. We have cruised many oceans and seas with such pleasure and quietness for three years,  anchoring in the most beautiful regions all around the world, meeting enthusiastic people wherever we went.

The world is a marvelous place, and we want to discover more with the new Dragonfly 40 Ultimate, which combines top new technology with the highest security quality. So, yes, we will have more than one Dragonfly! It is a magic dream called Dragonfly 40 Ultimate.

Our greatest Dragonfly experience so far must be the more than 60000 miles around the world from 2005 till 2008, feeling secure all the way, even in the Pacific without automatic pilot, or during multiple storms encountered, specifically one of 85 knots in New Zeeland!

We are convinced that we made the best choice for our future new adventures on board the new Dragonfly 40 Ultimate.

She is a dream come true!

Bethsy & André