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Gerrit Hölzle

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Dragonfly 40 Ultimate

As a student, I worked as a sailing instructor on beach catamarans in various clubs around the world, so I was familiar with the fun and potential of multihulls.
When I moved to the German North Sea coast, it was clear that I wanted to have my own boat again as soon as possible. But the North Sea has its own specific rules: Often rough conditions with high waves, tides, and strong tidal currents, lots of shallows at low tide. What I needed was a seagoing ship with little or variable draught and high-speed potential. And so, I found my first Dragonfly, a 920, Hull Number 29, exactly the right ship for the requirements of my location.
While I started with the Dragonfly 920, which I sailed for five years, my children grew up and wanted to be on board. There was also a Dragonfly 28 in the same harbor which was faster than the Dragonfly 920, which was, to be honest, unbearable to me.
Therefore, I decided to sell the Dragonfly 920 and switch to the more comfortable Dragonfly 32 "for the family". For the Dragonfly 920 I got the same money I paid for it five years earlier. An incredible value retention. In the summer of 2016, I got my Dragonfly 32 Supreme. The combination of family ship and racer at the same time is breathtaking.
The saying: "Boys don't become older, only their toys become more expensive!" must be the guiding principle of Jens Quorning. When I saw the first renderings of the Dragonfly 40, I could not resist despite all my love for Dragonfly 32. Therefore, I took over hull number 2 of the all-new Dragonfly 40 in July 2020 - and I am overwhelmed.
Compared to the Dragonfly 32, the ship is once again a quantum leap. Breathtaking speed with previously unknown comfort and always safe sailing; and above all single-handed. For my location, my family and the unlimited fun of sailing, there is no better boat.
I sail a fun regatta every now and then, but otherwise I use the ship mostly for leisure.
Actually, every time I get on board is a special experience. I have spent so many fantastic hours on my Dragonflys that it is hard to point out any special experience. But it is a thrilling experience every time we pass 60-foot monohull to leeward. Incomparable!
Credo: If it is not a Dragonfly, I won't sail it!

If you want to learn more about my boat and my spot please visit my homepage.
Gerrit Hölzle, Germany