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Dragonfly 800 Swing Wing

A modern tour trimaran with emphasis on design and sailing qualities beyond all expectations. Safe, no heeling and trailable. Easy to sail both single-handed and by 2+2 persons.

This boat was built in both a Cruising and a Racing version. Quorning Boats introduced the new Swing Wing system in 1989 on the Dragonfly 800 This invention gave the Dragonfly greater versatility and thereby made it more attractive. Provided with the  this new Swing Wing system, the boat took up much less space when in port, and it was a lot easier to transport it on a trailer. From 1989 and well into the new millennium (2005), we have built 143 Dragonfly 800 Swing Wing.

Sailing in the 3rd Dimension
8.00 m
Beam folded
2.90 m
Max. crew
Max. speed
20 knots
"Sailing like this will never be dull - I surrender!"
Testpilot of the Danish boat magazine "Bådnyt"

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Design & Performance

The Dragonfly 800 Swing Wing offers a functional pantry with teak laminated corners.

The centerboard creates the base for salon table, which can be folded down to provide easy passage. The coach can easily be turned into bunks. The forward cabin offers accommodation for two.

All halyards are lines are led to cokcpit for safe and easy family sailing.

The difference between the Crusing and Racing version is in the rig and sails only.

Reviews, articles & awards

Dragonfly 800 - fast cruising on 3 hulls!

Multihulls World

Text and photos: Gilles Ruffet

Trailerbares Dreibein für Fahrten- und Regattasegeln

Skipper - November 1988

Text & photos: Holstermann

(Test in German)

Dette er cruising med turbo og femte gear

Bådnyt - November 1990

Text and photos: Knut Iversen and Henrik Hansen

(Test in Danish)


Specifications Dragonfly 800 Swing Wing Cruising Racing
Length, overall center hull, excl rudder 8.00 m 8.00 m 
Length, waterline center hull 7.60 m 7.60 m 
Length, folded 9.00 m 9.00 m 
Beam, max 6.00 m 6.00 m 
Beam, folded 2.90 m 2.90 m
Draft, incl centerboard 1.50 m 1.50 m
Draft, excl centerboard 0.40 m 0.40 m
Draft folded, excl centerboard 0.35 m 0.35 m
Weight of basic boat, incl sails, battery and outboard engine 1,100 kgs  1,100 kgs 
Payload, incl crew  600 kgs 600 kgs 
Max total weight, excl crew 1,320 kgs  1,320 kgs 
Water tank 35 l  35 l 
Fuel tank  15 l 15 l 
Holding tank (optional)  30 l 30 l 
Engine outboard (recommended) 8.0 hp/5.9 kw  8.0 hp/5.9 kw 
Max engine hp 10 hp/7.5 kw 10 hp/7.5 kw
Mast section in total, excl antennas 11.10 m 12.10 m
Mast height over water level 12.60 m 13.60 m
Mainsail 22.5 m2 25.8 m2
Standard genoa 13.5 m2 14.9 m2
Spinnaker, symmetric 50 m2 60 m2
Spinnaker, asymmetric 50 m2 60 m2
Bowsprit length 1.20 m 1.20 m
Trailer (Original Brenderup 1605 QB) 485 kgs 485 kgs
Total and max trailer weight 1,600 kgs 1,600 kgs

Designed by Børge Quorning


Read the Dragonfly 800 Swing Wing brochure

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