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Multi Sailing by Jean-Marc Le Goueff
4 Rue Emile Marcesche
56 100
+ 33 29 78 84 390

Jean Marc Le Goueff has skippered large charter yachts and delivered lots of boats on many seas worldwide. This led him to his passion for multihulls, which he had the opportunity to sail in the toughest conditions. Multi Sailing was established in 1994. Jean Marc's expertise with multihulls is well established even outside of France.

Fanny Bourdouxhe has started sailing at the age of 3 months when she was put onboard the aluminium cruising yachts her father was sailing. During her teens she started dinghy competition which led her to the highest rankings in the world. The knowledge of boat technology Fanny got from her father and her level  in sailing competition, make of her the perfect person to ask advice to when it comes to choosing the right Multihull for you. She joined Multi Sailing in 2003.