Dragonfly 32

Open House

Middle of May, on Saturday 13th May 2017, we once more open our doors and invite all Dragonfly enthusiasts to come and get the full Dragonfly experience: come see the yard, hear our story, see some of our boats in production and maybe take one of our Dragonflys for a trial sail. In order to do so, please sign up for a test sail onboard either our Dragonfly 25 Sport, Dragonfly 28 Performance and/or our Dragonfly 32 Supreme, by sending us an email.

Strictly Sail Miami

From 16 - 20 February 2017 we are displaying our Dragonfly 32. Please stop by at to meet our US dealer (New York), Richard Suriani, and DK Representative Jørn Ravnskjær at Pier 3.

BOOT 2017 Preparations

As per Saturday 21st January this year's BOOT 2017 show in Düsseldorf is launched, where we will be displaying both our Dragonfly 25 Sport, the Dragonfly 28 Performance as well as the Dragonfly 32 Supreme. Our Service Team is working full speed getting all three boats ready for dispatch early next week.

Annapolis Boat Show

Come meet us at the boat show in Annapolis this weekend, 6th - 10th October 2016, displaying both the Dragonfly 28 Performance (US Premiere) and the Dragonfly 32. Both Jens Quorning and Jørn Ravnskjær of Quorning Boats will be present during the whole show. Welcome onboard!

New Videos to come

This week has been a quite busy one at the yard. We have been shooting new videos and photos for the upcoming boat shows, and, obviously for our website. We look very much forward to showing you all these new videos that will be released in short time.

What a weekend!

Last weekend was a great Dragonfly weekend. Our Dragonflys came in 1., 3. 4, 5., 6., 7. and 9. overall in the multihull class (Texel rating), whereas, Jens Quorning was "first boat home" (15:16:39) in his special built carbon performance trimaran in this year’s Palby Fyn Cup (Round Funen Race).

Ancora Boat Show

Jørn Ravnskjær and Detlef Mohr are ready for the boat show in Ancora Marina - showing both our Dragonfly 25 and the Dragonfly 32. We look very much forward to welcoming you onboard during the next upcoming days.

Palby Fyn Cup 2016

This weekend, from 27th – 29th May, the Danish classic Palby Fyn Cup 2016 takes place. 30 trimarans are signed up for the race, among those 16 Dragonflys. Our own Dragonfly 25 (Peter Lang), Dragonfly 28 (Henrik Bøje Hansen & Peter Quorning) will participate as well as our Dragonfly 32 (Stine Quorning) crewing an all girls boat with some of Denmark's best Olympic female dinghy sailors. Jens Quorning is going to participate as well - skippering his special built carbon performance trimaran.

Ancora Hanseboot

Next upcoming boat show is the Ancora Hanseboot Boat Show in Neustadt, Germany, where Detlef Mohr and Jørn Ravnskjær will be displaying both the Dragonfly 25 and the Dragonfly 32 from Friday 27 May till Sunday 29 May. They look very much forward to welcoming you onboard.

Dragonfly 32 is awarded "Sail Magazine' Best Boats 2015"

Every year announces Sail Magazine the Best Boats award in their December issue. The Dragonfly 32 has been appointed as the Best Boat 2015 in the Multihull 31’-40’ category. Sail’s expert team of Best Boat judges spent days at the Annapolis Boat Show, visiting all the nominated boats. The team of judges included systems specialist Nigel Calder, Sail's executive editor Adam Cort, Sail's cruising editor Charles Doane, veteran new boat-reviewer Tom Dove and Sail's racing editor David Schmidt.