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Dragonfly 920

Great fun and easy handling even singlehanded, with accommodation for 4-5 people.

Trailerable Offshore Sport Cruiser or Trailerable Offshore High-Tech Racer -  it's your freedom of choice.

The Dragonfly 920 Cruiser was built from 1996 - later the Dragonfly 920 was built in a Racing version also. It was the same boat but with longer boom and larger mainsail. The new Dragonfly 920 Extreme was launched back in 2003. it was still the same bot, but with new wider beams and longer floats.

Dragonfly 920 Swing Wing Cruising and Racing version was built between 1996 - 2008. In total 165 boats were built, including the later Extreme version.




Trailable OffShore Sport Cruiser
9.20 m
Beam folded
3.20 m
Max. crew
5 people
Max. speed

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Design & Performance

The Dragonfly 920 Touring model, produced since 2005, is based on the well known Dragonfly 920 Cruising and Racing version which was first launched in 1996. The Touring version is equipped with a new design of curved beams similar to the Extreme version and the longer mainsail boom of the previous Dragonfly 920 Racing version.

The Dragonfly 920 Extreme model was introduced in 2003. It is based on the same centre hull as the Touring version, but has wider curved beams in a new modern design and also longer floats, a taller rig and a deeper full carbon rudder and centerboard to improve performance. The Dragonfly 920 Extreme is approx. 15 % faster than the standard Touring version.

For people who focus more on cruising, the Dragonfly 920 Touring offers less heeling and shallow draft wich are very important, making it the perfect boat for newcommers in the multihull scene. The Extreme version is for the keen sailor, who wants more speed and fun in the fast lane. 

The Dragonfly 920 sleeps 4 people, has a separate head and offers a nice pleasant main cabin with very good visibility. With the sprayhood, cockpit tent and the cockpit table, you will find ample living space in all weathers.

Reviews, articles & awards

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Text and photos: Philippe Echelle

Dragonfly 920 Extreme

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Text and photos: Jeremy Evans

Nur fliegen ist schöner?

Segeln - August 2004

Text and photos: Thorsten Höge

(Test in German)

Suser med 19 knob hen over bølgerne

Bådnyt - June 2003

Text and photos: Henrik Hansen

(Test in Danish)


Length overall centre hull 9.20 m 9.20 m
Length waterline centre hull 8.75 m  8.75 m
Length folded 10.50 m 11.10 m
Beam max 6.80 m 7.80 m
Beam folded 3.25 m 3.25 m
Draft incl. centerboard 1.55 m 1.55 m
Draft excl. centerboard 0.45 m 0.45 m
Weight of standardboat incl.sails 2,150 kgs 2,200 kgs
Payload max. incl. crew 700 kgs 700 kgs
Max. total weight excl. crew 2,500 kgs 2,500 kgs
Water capacity 60 l 60 l
Fuel tank 20 l 20 l
Holding tank (optional) 50 l 50 l
Engine outboard 10 hp/7.3 kw 10 hp/7.3 kw
Max engine hp 15 hp/11 kw 15 hp/11 kw
Mast section in total, excl antennas 13.10 m 14.60 m
Max mast height over water level 14.60 m 16.10 m
Mainsail  38 m2   44 m2 
Standard genoa 22.5 m2   26 m2  
Spinnaker, asymmetric 70 m2   90 m2  
Lightwind genoa, furling on bowsprit 40 m2   45 m2  
Bowsprit, length  1.40 m 1.75 m 
Trailer weight, galvanized  875 kgs 875 kgs 
Total max trailer weight, incl boat and trolley  3,500 kgs 3,500 kgs 
Total max trailer weight, incl boat, excl trolley  3,000 kgs 3,000 kgs 

Designed by Børge and Jens Quorning



Dragonfly 920 Extreme presentation video

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