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Dragonfly 40

The all-new Dragonfly 40 Performance Cruiser is cutting edge design with focus on easy handling and shorthanded sailing. Spacious cockpit and a stylish, modern interior. Setting new standards for comfortable and safe family offshore sailing.

The Dragonfly 40 is available in two versions , the standard Touring version with self-tacking jib, and the Ultimate version with taller rig and larger overlapping furling headsail for higher performance. The Dragonfly 40 accommodates a crew of 6 to 8 persons.

Performance Cruiser
Opengraph Billede: 
12.10 m
Beam folded
4.00 m
Max. crew
6-8 people
Max. speed
24 knots

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Multihull of the year 2021

Awarded as winner

Category: Under 45 feet

Dette er en Performance Cruiser

Båd Magasinet, Denmark
March 2021

Text: Morten Brandt
Photos: Nils Günter/EYOTY

Europas Yacht des Jahres 2021

February 2021

Text: Jochen Rieker
Photos: Nils Günter/EYOTY

European Yacht of the year 2021

Awarded as winner

Category: Performance Cruiser

Multihulls from 40 to 45 feet

Multihulls World #175
November 2020

Text: Mark Bernie, Dick Sawyer, Paul Thomas, Francois Trégouët and Emmanuel van Deth.

Best Boats 2021


Category: Multihulls

The British Yachting Awards 2020


Category: Multihull of the year



Caution for all painted surfaces on the boat and mast

Painted surfaces may not be covered with Plastic or other non-breathable materials, as water and condensation can not be lead away from the painted surfaces, and these are not able to dry.
When water is stuck between the Paint and a non-breathable or non-ventilated material, blisters can occur between the paint and the gelcoat or the carbon sections of the mast.
Due to these circumstances, the permanent use of Ex. Matt-Fenders cannot be recommended, as water and Condensation can also get stuck between these and the hull, and lead to blisters in the Paint.

Quorning Boats can not be held responsible for Blisters in the paint occurred due covering the painted surfaces with non-breathable materials.


 Length overall 12.40 m 12.40 m
 Length folded   14.17 m  14.17 m
 Beam sailing    8.40 m 8.40 m
Beam folded 4.00 m 4.00 m
Draft board up 0.70 m 0.70 m
Draft board down 2.20 m 2.20 m
Weight of standard dry boat ready to sail, excl. extra equipment 5,800 kg 5,800 kg
Payload max incl crew 1,800 kg 1,800 kg
Engine, standard 40 Hp / 29,4 Kw 40 Hp / 29,4 Kw
Engine, optional 57 Hp / 41,9 Kw 57 Hp / 41,9 Kw
Water capacity 220 l 220 l
Diesel tank 150 l 150 l
Holding tank 75 l 75 l
Mast section, carbon 17.00 m 19.00 m
Mainsail  65 m² 75 m²
Selftacking jib 25 m² (27) m²
Furling genoa (33) m² 38 m²
Furling Code 0 65 m² 80 m²
Gennaker 110 m² 140 m²
Bowsprit fixed length 0.75 m 0.75 m
Max. No. of persons, CE-Category A 6 6
Max. No. of persons, CE-Category B 8 8
Unsinkable Yes Yes

Designed by Jens Quorning and Steen Olsen



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