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The Dragonfly 28 sets new standards for the possibilities of a sailing boat. The perfect boat does not exist - but the Dragonfly 28 is very close to this ideal. The Dragonfly 28 comes in two versions, the Dragonfly 28 Touring version and the Dragonfly 28 Performance version.

Great fun and  easy handling - accommodating 5 people. The Dragonfly 28 is for the modern sailor, who requires multiple possibilities from his vessel. This boat is all about possibilities, fun - and above all, excellent sailing abilities. The Dragonfly 28 comes in two versions - the Touring version represents the trailerable family cruiser, whereas the Performance version is the trailable In- and Offshore Racer with a wavepiercing float design that calls for the ultimate performance.

Family Cruiser & Racer
8.75 m
Beam folded
2.54 m
Max. crew
5-7 people
Max. speed
22+ knots
"I like this boat. She’s a very good pocket cruiser, trailerable and nicely detailed. This boat is fun to sail, with no real faults for her intended purpose and offers truly amazing accommodations for her size"
Peter Hogg - Cruising World Boat Of The Year judge

Dragonfly 28 Videos

Design & Performance

The Dragonfly 28 sets the standards for leisure and flexibility on the water and on wheels. The Dragonfly 28 has been a lifelong dream of Jens Quorning, who designed and developed this complex boat with his co-designer Steen Olsen. The development took almost 2 years and is the ultimate combination of design and function.

The Dragonfly 28 is a foldable and trailerable 28 ft trimaran, that provides you with all the benefits and features from a trimaran on the water - allowing speeds up to 22+ knots, shallow draft and high comfort while sailing, as the boat is barely heeling.

Below deck, the boat is quite spacious and with a lot of well thought solutions, that provides volume and makes the boat very functional. The companionway ladder can be positioned in the middle for easy access from the cockpit, you can slide it to port or starboard for better access in the galley, or it can be raised to give you access to the large double berth in the aft cabin. Forward there is access to a double V-berth and the main cabin offers an easily set-up foldable berth - offering accommodation for five adults in total. All berths are full size comfortable berths of each 2 m+ long.

The Dragonfly 28 has a standing headroom of 1.85 m in the main cabin as well as a generous galley space on each side. The spacious dinette offers a nice view outside, like on a deck saloon yacht.

Stowage space is of course limited in a boat of this size, but ideal to avoid overloading. On the other hand, light, bulky objects like fenders, empty jerrycans or similar can be stowed away in the floats, each of which has an access hatch.

The Dragonfly 28 appeals to both family sailing and racing - just hit the cruising speed that makes you all smile. Compared to monohulls, a trimaran is so much more comfortable to sail. Further, you have a much longer range on the water, or you get to your destination in a shorter time.

With a draft of 45 cm only, you can anchor into any bay, jump into knee-deep water, sail the boat up on a sandy beach or even let it fall dry. You can ask your kids for their approval - they will love it! The big double trampolines offer extra deck space, and they are the perfect spot for sunbathing and sundowners.

On the trailer you can average 45 knots - launch and rig the boat yourself with a set-up time of 40 minutes. This boat offers you independence. You can launch and rig the boat without paying for lifts and you can cruise for a weekend, a week or even a season wherever you like, delivering and collecting the boat by road.

The boat is easy to sail even single handed - all in all a multifunctional multihull and an ultimate versatile performer.

Designed by Jens Quorning and Steen Olsen

"The concept of a boat that is a sporty two-seater one day and a beach-bound people-mover the next is a compelling and a joyous one." (Chris Beeson, Yachting Monthly)

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Boat of the Year 2016

Biggest Slovenian nautical magazin Val navtika awarded our Dragonfly 28 Sport as a Boat of the Year 2016, winner in the multihull category.

European Yacht of the Year 2010


Polish Boat of the Year 2018

Biggest Polish sailing magazine Zagle awarded our Dragonfly 28 Sport as Yacht of the Year 2018, winner in the category special sailing yachts.


To inform and illustrate recommended service, maintenance, and refitting on an older Dragonfly, we have drawn this general information sheet. Rough elements, like strong winds and wave conditions, strong saltwater and UV do have some impact on the boat after a long sailing life.

We strongly recommend servicing and changing vital parts on your boat according to our recommendations. This information overrules any other former information you may have, as the following is based on updated knowledge.


Visual check of all cables is still required when changing the rigging. When trailering the boat, we strongly recommend focusing on side stay cables, as these easily bend when stepping the mast. Bended side stay cables near the terminal may cause the side stay cable to break.

On all Dragonflys, please regularly check the forestay cable in the top by the terminal. When furling, the spinnaker halyard may block the forestay, which can cause failure of the forestay.


On all Dragonflys, we recommend re-stitching (sewing) along the seems of the trampolines every 6-7 years (in climates with strong UV, every 5 years). Normally, our clients change their trampolines after 10-12 years use.

Float deck teflon pad rings

On Dragonflys built after 1989, the white 5 mm Teflon pad rings on the float deck need to be changed every 13-15 years – this is neither critical nor structural. For easy change of these pads/rings, you just bolt off the floats from the wings.


Over the years, Quorning Boats has used the riggings links, so-called Quick-Links, in the Dragonfly production. When replacing these, it is of utmost importance to purchase links of same high quality or similar products carrying same strength (working load). Many products look the same, but do not carry the same strength.

Oedering Parts

Original parts can be ordered at Quorning Boats at aftersales@dragonfly.dk

Common spare parts can be shipped within two weeks, whereas special parts and/or custom-made parts usually are served within 6-8 weeks.


Caution for all painted surfaces on the boat and mast

Painted surfaces may not be covered with Plastic or other non-breathable materials, as water and condensation can not be lead away from the painted surfaces, and these are not able to dry.
When water is stuck between the Paint and a non-breathable or non-ventilated material, blisters can occur between the paint and the gelcoat or the carbon sections of the mast.
Due to these circumstances, the permanent use of Ex. Matt-Fenders cannot be recommended, as water and Condensation can also get stuck between these and the hull, and lead to blisters in the Paint.

Quorning Boats can not be held responsible for Blisters in the paint occurred due covering the painted surfaces with non-breathable materials.


Parts ordered at Quorning Boats Denmark, will be produced in originally designed materials. Should you choose to order from other suppliers, please check that the same kind of materials are used – especially on the waterstays and other rigging parts, where stronger Dyeform cables are needed.

DRAGONFLY 28 TOURING & SPORT (built since 2009)
Waterstays – every 10 years (max), or by max 15,000 NM
Side stays and forestay – every 10 years (max), or by max 15,000 NM
Beam stop cable to forward, outside beam under trampoline – every 15 years
Diamond spreader stays on the mast – every 15 years

DRAGONFLY 28 PERFORMANCE (built since 2016)
Waterstays – every 7 years (max), or by max 10,000 NM
Side stays and forestay – every 10 years (max), or by max 15,000 NM
Beam stop cable to forward, outside beam under trampoline – every 15 years
Diamond spreader stays on the mast – every 15 years

Owner's Manual

Please click here to see the Owner’s Manuals of the Dragonfly 28 

Dragonfly28 Performance ManualDragonfly28 Sport ManualDragonfly28 Touring Manual


Length sailing 9.00 m 9.00 m
Length folded 9.99 m 10.40 m
Beam sailing 6.50 m 6.50 m
Beam folded 2.54 m 2.54 m
Draft, board up 0.40 m 0.40 m
Draft, board down 1.70 m 1.70 m
Weight of standard boat, sails and engine 2,100 kgs 2,180 kgs
Payload max., incl. crew 750 kgs 750 kgs
Water tank 90 l 90 l
Holding tank (optional) 60 l 60 l
Engine, outboard 15 Hp 15 Hp
Mast section total, excl. antennas 12.10 m 13.60 m
Mainsail 37  m2 43 m2
Jib furling  18.5 m2 21.5 m2
Code 0 furling  37 m2 45  m2
Asymmetric spinnaker  60 m2 83  m2
Bowsprit length  1.60 m 1.90 m
Trailer weight, steel  3,500 kgs 3,500 kgs
Max. No of persons, CE-Category B 5 5
Max. No of persons, CE-Category C 7 7
Unsinkable Yes Yes

Designed by Jens Quorning and Steen Olsen




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