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Jens Quorning

+45 7556 2626

Jens is professional boat builder and CEO of Quorning Boats.

Jens started his apprenticeship at Quorning Boats with his farther Børge back in1978. Jens has been around the yard though, since the yard was founded by his farther in 1967.

Jens Quorning is the sole owner of Quorning Boats after taking over the company from his parents in 1996, but Jens has been financially involved since 1991.

Jens is in charge of sales, design and developing of new boats. Further, every boat leaving the yard is under quality control and inspected by Jens prior delivery.

Jens has been sailing and building boats full time always. After ending his apprenticeship in 1982, Jens took one year off to work in USA for Dick Newick. This was a great inspiration both for Jens and for Quorning Boats later on. Jens had the great privilege to sail back from USA to Europe on the 60’ well known Newick trimaran “Rouge Wave“ with the legendary Tom Follet as skipper.

In 1981-82, Jens built his first 35’ Trimaran “Quick Step“ at an age of 19 years only. Jens set a lot of sailing records in Denmark along with his older brother Eric, including the Round Seeland record , “The Silver Spinnaker-trophy” in 19 hours and 27 minutes back in 1983, a record that held up for 25 years.

Jens is a keen sailor (holder of Captain License) and has been very active on both national and international race courses since 1975. Jens sailed from Los Angeles to Hawaii on a 48´crusing Cat and also with his Atlantic-crossing, which has given Jens a solid background also for blue water sailing and ocean crossings.

Jens still loves to cruise and race, and has thousands of miles experience on the water.

Jens is Chairman of the Danish boatbuilding society “Skib & Baad“ since 2010, which is member of the DI (Danish Industry) organization.

With already 35+ years of lifelong experience at Quorning Boats, Jens has an extreme know-how in Multihull design, construction and manufacturing.