Mogens Poulsen | Dragonfly

Mogens Poulsen

Boat type: 
Dragonfly 920

"I am the owner of the best sailing Dragonfly 920. I bought hull No 58 from a Dutchman back in 2009 and have modified the boat with great help from the yard. I am very pleased by the boat that offers my great pleasure – it is a fantastic boat.

I own a cottage in Southern Funen, where my Dragonfly 920 has been located for the last 5-6 years. I have enjoyed very much to meet a lot of other Dragonfly owners, among these a lot of Dragonfly charter sailors sailing the Tri Me 1 or 2. The waters around Southern Funen offer great sailing experiences, but, in my opinion, these have to be experienced on-board a Dragonfly!"

Mogens Poulsen, Denmark