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Privacy Policy

We take your data protection seriously
We process personal data and have therefore adopted this Privacy Policy, which tells you how we treat your data.

We ensure fair and transparent computing
When we ask you to make your personal data available to us, we inform you which data we process and for which purpose. You will receive information on this when collecting your personal data.

Processing of personal data

We use this kind of data about you
We use your data to ensure a better service and quality in our products and services as well as in our interaction with you.
The data we use consists of:

  • Common personal data
  • Civil registration number
  • Data about interests and habits
  • Traffic data on the use of the internet
  • Transaction data

We collect and store your personal data for specific purposes
We collect and store your data relating to specific purposes or other legal business purposes.
We do this, when we need to:

  • Treat your purchase and delivery of our services
  • Meet your request of products or services
  • Improve our products and services
  • Adjust our communication and marketing towards you
  • Adjust the communication and marketing of our collaborator towards you
  • Administer your relation to us

We process relevant personal data only
We process your data only when it is relevant and sufficient to the purposes defined above. The purpose
determines what type of your data, is relevant to us. The same applies to the extent of the personal data weuse. For example, we do not use more data than we need for the specific purpose.

We process required personal data only
We collect, process and store only the personal data that is necessary to meet the purposes set by us. Further, we can be obliged to by law to collect and store certain personal data for our business. The type or extend of the personal data we process, can also be necessary to fulfil a contractual or other legal obligation.

We control and update your personal data
We control that the personal data that we process is not wrong or misleading. We make sure to update your personal data currently.

As our service depends on correct and updated data, we kindly ask you to inform us about any relevant change in your data. Please use the above-mentioned contact information to inform us about any change.

We delete your personal data when no longer needed
We delete your personal data when no longer needed for the purpose which originally was the reason for us to collect, process and store your data.

We will obtain your consent before processing your personal data
We obtain your consent before processing your personal data to the purposes described above, unless we are legally allowed to collect the data. We will inform you about this and our legitim interest in processing your personal data.

Your consent is voluntary and you can revoke this at any given time by contacting us. Please use the above-mentioned contact information, if you need further information.

We do not pass on your personal data without your consent
If we pass on your personal data to our collaborators and players, for marketing purposes, we will obtain your consent and inform, what your data will be used to. At any given time, you can object to this disclosure, just like you can decline any marketing application via the civil registration system.
We do not obtain your consent when legally obliged to pass on personal data, for example by reporting to the authorities.


We protect your personal data and secure information security through internal rules
We have adopted internal rules on information security, which contain instructions and measures that protects your personal data from destruction, be lost, or changed, from unauthorized publication, and, from unauthorized access or knowledge of this data.
Use of cookies
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Your Rights

You are entitled to access your personal data
At any given time, you have the right to be informed which kind of data we are processing, where it comes from as well as its purpose. Further, you have the right to be informed about for how long we keep your personal data and who receives your data in the extend we pass on your data in Denmark and abroad.
Upon request, we can inform you about the data we process. This access may though be limited in consideration of the privacy of other parties involved, trade secrets and immatriate rights.
You can make use of your rights by contacting us. Please find our contact information above.

You are entitled to get inaccurate personal data corrected or deleted
If you find that the personal data we process about you is inaccurate, you have the right to get this corrected. Please contact us for this and inform us about the inaccuracy and how to correct this.
In some cases, we will be obliged to delete your personal data. This is the case, if you for example revoke your consent. If you find that your data no longer is necessary for the purpose for which we collected it, you can ask us to delete your data. Further, you can contact us, if you find that your personal data is not being treated according to the legislation or other legal obligations.

When you contact us requesting to get your personal data corrected or deleted, we will consider, whether the conditions are met, and, if so, we will carry out the change or deletion soonest possible.

You are entitled to object against our process of your personal data
You are entitled to object against our process of your personal data. Further, you can object to our disclosure of your data for marketing purposes. Please use above-mentioned contact information to make an objection.

If your objection is justified, we will make sure to stop processing your personal data.

Contact information
Company Quorning Boats is data controller and we ensure that your personal data is processed in accordance with the current legislation.
Contact information:
Contact person: Quorning Boats
Address: Skærbækvej 101
CVR-No: DK-18888378
Phone No.: +45 7556 2626