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Dragonfly 25

Back from Genoa

After having spent almost one week in Genoa for the test sails for the European Yacht of the Year award we are back at the yard again. We got to sail three days with 11 journalists from nine different countries (Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, UK, Switzerland, Spain, the Netherlands and Germany). Unfortunately the weather was not optimal for Dragonfly sailing since we had no wind most of the time. For the first two days the maximum wind speed were 2-4 knots.

Dragonfly 25 EYOTY nomination

We are very proud to announce that the Dragonfly 25 has been nominated to the European Yacht of the Year 2016 award in the multihull category. Here the Dragonfly 25 is up against larger cruising catamarans, and it is the only trimaran represented in the multihull category. The European Yacht of Year award is the most prestigious European award in the boat industry and is called the ‘Oscars of water sports’.

This is our little new baby

The mood was tense this morning when the Dragonfly team met at the stand; expectations for today were high and we were anxious to see how many people would actually show up at the release. Many of our dealers have taken a flight to Düsseldorf to see the big release; from France, the United States, Sweden West, Austria and the Netherlands. Fortunately, it turned out that we did not have to be nervous for the number of spectators at the release. More than 300 people watched the curtain drop today at 12.30 and that was way more people than we had ever hoped to see.

Dragonfly 25 media storm

Visitors at the boat show and the media are all very impressed by the new Dragonfly 25. We have gotten a lot of attention and people seem to like the design with the sporty look. The German as well as the Danish media seem to be impressed by the Dragonfly 25. They compare the outriggers with the ones on an AC72 and are in general impressed by the fact that the boat will be able to fly the centre hull.

Die Yacht test of Dragonfly 25

Die Yacht, one of the biggest European yachting magazines, visited us about a month ago to test the Dragonfly 25. The wind conditions were very light, approximately 5 knots of wind, which is not the perfect sailing conditions for a test sail.

Dragonfly 25-01 is heading South

The Dragonfly 25 No 1 is heading towards new adventures in Southern Europe, where it is going to be the new demonstrator of our French dealer, Mr Le Goueff. The prototype of the new Dragonfly model, the Dragonfly 25, which was presented at BOOT Düsseldorf in January is now being transported to France by a truck; and as you can see on the picture below it fits perfectly well into a 40ft container.

The yearly Open House event

This year we will host the Open House Event again where we open up the doors for our production facilities and you can go out for a test sail. The event will take place Saturday 6 June from 10 a.m. to 16 p.m. This year we offer test sails in three different boats: the Dragonfly 25 Sport, Dragonfly 28 Sport and Dragonfly 32 Supreme.

Dragonfly 25 Sea Trial

Saturday had our new little baby its first sea trial, and it lived up to all of our expectations. The test sail was in very light wind, 4-8 knots of wind, and we managed to sail 9 knots. Despite the light wind conditions we got a good impression of what the boat will be able to perform; the boat is well balanced and easy to steer on the rudders and this is important for the performance and amusement of the boat.

We have made a video from Saturday’s sea trial. Watch it following this link ; it pretty much speaks for itself.

New Video of the Dragonfly 25

Here during the week have we got the opportunity to test out the Dragonfly 26 in stronger wind, compared to what we had during her sea trial. The boat continues to live up to our expectations; the two rudder system seems to function well (the two rudder system is only on the Sport version, the Touring version will have a centre rudder), the boat feels stiff and she is fun to push to the limit. The new video which we have uploaded on Youtube will you be able to watch following this link. Here you can see how our new little baby performs, and commentaries from Jens Quorning.