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Dragonfly 25-01 is heading South

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Dragonfly 25 No 1 is heading towards new adventures in Southern Europe, where it is going to be the new demonstrator of our French dealer, Mr Le Goueff. The prototype of the new Dragonfly model, the Dragonfly 25, which was presented at BOOT Düsseldorf in January is now being transported to France by a truck; and as you can see on the picture below it fits perfectly well into a 40ft container.

The Dragonfly 25 will be presented on La Grande Motte this Wednesday, April 15th up until Sunday April 19th. As usual, we will encourage everyone nearby to stop by the boat show and watch our beautiful yellow baby and have a talk with Mr. Le Goueff. Since the boat is going to be in France permanently as a demonstrator you can always contact Mr Le Goueff if you want to go out for a test sail.

With that said, we wish all of the best for our yellow beauty and hope it will be as well received in France as at was here in Northern Europe.