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The Dragonfly Swing Wing System

The Dragonfly Swing Wing system was designed by Børge and Jens Quorning in 1989. Using this revolutionary system, the trimaran can be folded to reduce the beam by more than 50% in less than one minute per side, using no tools and operating only from the cockpit.

The unique Dragonfly Swing Wing system has been standard on all Dragonfly Trimarans since the introduction of the system in 1989.
A very important feature by the Dragonfly Swing Wing system is the fact that the boats can stay folded in a marina berth. This special design, where the floats move down deeper into the water when folded and actually lifts the centre hull by 7 to 10 cm, gives this extra stabile comfort.
Even when folded, you can still get into the floats storage and still you have no fouling problems. Further, to improve the stability, this is also why all the taller mast comes standard in carbon on the Dragonfly series.

The Dragonfly 25 and 28 can easily be folded manually, but on the Dragonfly 32 you can operate the Swing Wing system with one or two optional electrical winches. On the Dragonfly 40 you get 4 electric winches on a standard boat which you can use to operate the Swing Wing system.

Last but not least, the folding system today makes it possible for the Dragonfly 25 to fold and fit directly into a 40’ container. The Dragonfly 25 and the 28 to trailer easily when just folded. For the bigger boats, road transport is still possible by truck, and winter storage also much easier.

Over the years, the Dragonfly folding system has obviously been finetuned and is for sure the fastest and easiest folding system for trimarans in the world.
30 years of Swing Wing
August 1989 was epoch-making to the future of the Dragonfly concept, as Quorning Boats could introduce the Swing Wing system to the sailing world. For many years Børge and Jens knew that they have to come up with a simple and smooth folding system that could reduce the beam in no time.
In 1989 with the launch of the prototype, a Dragonfly 800 Swing Wing, they had managed to find a solution to this. The result was the Swing Wing system that works very simple - using no tools, but is technical very complex.