Marion Grebe & Martin Flückiger | Dragonfly

Marion Grebe & Martin Flückiger

Boat type: 
Dragonfly 28 Performance

"For years, we had a dream of racing and sailing to other countries onboard our own sailing boats.

Spring 2016 our dream came true upon the delivery of our brand new Dragonfly 28 Performance. The boat is optimal for the Swiss lakes which are surrounded by light winds. Further, we have the option to trailer the boat to the Baltic Sea, the North Sea or the Mediterranean in just one day.

The trailer option was a huge buying factor for us – along with the spacious and bright salon which is very similar to a deck saloon yacht. Furthermore, we are very pleased about the shallow draft. We have ordered two extra big hatches in the floats to allow us to bring along our mountain bikes. Last, but not least we are thrilled about the speed factor.

We are throughout pleased with our new Dragonfly and look very much forward to exploring new and unknown waters."

Marion Grebe & Martin Flückiger, Switzerland